[Image Comics] So how does the Hercules Method compare to the general concept of Chi Energy for the most part?

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2021.11.30 23:30 Some_Personality8379 [Image Comics] So how does the Hercules Method compare to the general concept of Chi Energy for the most part?

I know the Image character, Luther Strode might be rare to a lot of people. But I assume the video would help get a better understanding of his powers and the idea of the Hercules Method.
The Hercules Method is a subcategory of the Body Supremacy power. Where the user can control 100 percent of their body. Doing stuff like turning off their pain receptors like Moon Knight, healing quickly like John Wick, being strong like Captain America, etc. So could the Hercules Method overlap with Chi Energy a bit? I'm not necessarily talking about the DBZ or Wuxia version of Chi Energy. I'm more so talking about Iron Fist or Shang Chi level Chi Energy. So my main question is. Would the Hercules Method overlap with street-level Chi Energy because of similar power mechanics?
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2021.11.30 23:30 Thatsthatandchicken F50 and Enzo, The best modern V12's[1920x1040]

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2021.11.30 23:30 waltersob Christmas is Coming

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2021.11.30 23:30 Few-Significance-717 Niziu will perform today in the FNS KAYOUSAI of fuji tv around 19:00 jst.

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2021.11.30 23:30 Elegant-Stress-7006 Test

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2021.11.30 23:30 TwinkleNig CMC coming Thursday! PulseMarketToken

CMC and CG applications being fast tracked. Over 1000+ holders! The coin everyone is talking about!
PulseMarket! Live now on Pancakeswap 🚀
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2021.11.30 23:30 RedRaw1999 What's causing this issue?

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2021.11.30 23:30 HeavyMetalSasquatch What does the inner-monolog in your head sound like?

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2021.11.30 23:30 A_Cow_Tin Exit Vibes

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2021.11.30 23:30 PatternMain28 Questioning myself suddenly, what do I do?

Hi, decided I should post here since I really feel like I need to get this out of me and tell somebody but don't have anyone else at the moment. It's probably going to be very long and ramble on, thanks in advance for reading! <3
I'm 23m from the UK, I've suffered from depression and anxiety my entire life, dropped out of school at 13, had a small amount of tutoring and got 2 GCSE's and have spent the last 10 years with no motivation to do anything and spent it just sitting at home watching things or playing games avoiding everything, I've never had a job, irl friends or any kind of relationship due to my mental health issues. I've been content just doing this my entire adult life until the last month or two when I first started questioning myself and its all I've thought about since. I'm not usually been very emotional the last 10 years and haven't cried for many years, I used to all the time when younger, but the thought of being the opposite sex as well as silly little everyday thing just keep making me so emotional. Its been gradually getting stronger and stronger to the point whenever I think about being a girl I get giddy with excitement, lose my breath and cry a lot (not in a sad way) so I'm kind of just in the state most of the day at this point and am struggling to even sleep sometimes.
I've never had the motivation to do anything in life at all, had no aspirations, no goals, dream job or whatever but recently I've found motivation from just the thought of being a woman. I've started to eat healthier, exercise and even simple things like brushing my teeth has been easier. I've never felt these feelings of having a goal or wanting to do something ever before in my life.
I guess I should mention medication and therapy. I've had therapy since I was 10 but nothing ever seemed to help, I never talked or thought about gender with any therapist before and haven't spoken to any therapists In the last year so haven't had the chance to. I was prescribed depression meds and took them from when I was about 16-20, I was super against taking them when I was younger I don't even remember why. But anyway I stopped taking them eventually since they never really had any effect and I didn't even have enough motivation to take them by the end since they felt so useless so I just stopped. Tried about 3-4 different ones with nothing working. Will also add that I've never felt suicidal, taken any recreational drugs or drank alcohol.
I live with my mum and don't have any other family I get in contact with. She pretty much takes care of every day to day adult responsibility due to my mental health and I wouldn't be anywhere without her and I love her so much. She always tried her hardest to care for me her entire life but doesn't really enjoy life herself. She has had suicide attempts in the past and pretty much only lives to care for me in the hope that one day my problems will go away and I'll have a fulfilling life. For some reason I've lived my entire life in fear of being judged for what my interests and have always tried to keep anything I think she would think negatively of of me secret e.g I would watch Pokémon with the door closed and say she couldn't come in when watching it since she might think I was childish even though I was a 12yo child at the time. The truth is I think and always have that she would support me and wouldn't care about whatever I like but I've just never been able to be honest with myself and still hold a constant fear that she would judge me, especially if it's something as big as saying I want to try dressing as a girl to see how it is. The thing is the last few years she has been feeling a bit better, I think this was due to my grandmother dying if I'm honest, she had to care for her all the time as well and she was never a nice person so it made my mum very depressed, she was also transphobic and racist. But anyway I'm worried telling her how I feel would upset her and she would return to a very bad mental state again. I wouldn't call her transphobic but I think she has trouble understanding what it is and thinks it a bit weird which I can kind of understand since she spent so much time around my gran who always have something bad to say about everything. My mum also works from home and doesn't go out much so I don't really get the opportunity to anything secretly. There isn't anywhere good to hide things and I could tell her to just not look somewhere and she would respect my privacy but then I'd just worry that she thought I was doing something bad. I can't use anything she wears either since they would all be too big plus I don't really like the clothes she has.
My big worry is how suddenly the feelings came about and I can't think of any event that triggered them, it's not even been 2 months and I've never felt this strongly about anything. Seeing others who have spent their entire life wanting to be another gender makes me feel like these feelings are just something my brain has come up with as some pipe dream to escape from where my life currently is and something that will suddenly fix all my problems. I also kinda get excited down there when thinking about being a girl so I'm conflicted that its just something sexual.
I've tried thinking through things in my life that could be signs that the feeling is real and just been buried. I find it easier to talk to women about most things, but this may be that I've only ever lived with women and never had any male role model in my life (I never knew my dad and my mum hasn't had a boyfriend since I was born). I've never felt at all masculine at anytime in my life, I'm small 5'3, always had reasonably long hair and have a few physical features that seemed a bit feminine. Girls at school would always call me cute, not in the cute boy I fancy him kind of way but the way you would say it about a kitten or something. The only things I'd say that are masculine about me is having a deep voice and body hair. When I think about it now I've had insecurities with both, avoiding speaking to online friends who I've know for 5-6 years until just last year as well as hating hearing the sound of my own voice but that seems like a common thing. I always hated wearing shorts as well since it would show my legs. I wouldn't say I hate my body or how I look but I've always felt kind of uncomfortable and tried to keep it hidden e.g. I'd never take my top off even at the beach (was an average weight and didn't have anything that looked abnormal). I also avoided having my picture taken like my life depended on it. When watching shows I feel it's easier to connect to female characters and all of my favourite ones are usually female. My online names have always been more feminine and I'd always choose to play a female when given the choice. At the start of the year I went to a restaurant with my mum for her birthday and a waitress only saw me from behind and called us ladies (I guess since I had a ponytail) and I remember getting a little thrill from it but didn't really think about it too much then.
I keep looking in the mirror moving my hair around to a more feminine style and am getting great joy from it and really want to take it further with like makeup and clothes etc. I'm still just too scared to do these things since It might have a negative affect on my mum's mental health, I know deep down she would support me through anything but its still so scary that there could be a world where it doesn't happen.
Anyway I think I've gotten everything off of my chest, I've spent nearly the entire day writing this :D The speed at which all of this has happened has just been too fast for me and i'm so confused. I'm not expecting transitioning to be some miracle cure to all of my problems but I've never felt motivation like this my entire life and can't just ignore it. I really want to bite the bullet and tell my mum how I feel now but don't think I can do it without support. If I don't do anything I feel like I'm going to burst. What steps should I take? Do I schedule a GP appointment to discuss this or look into some kind of gender therapist? I still feel like I'm lying to myself I don't know what to do.
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2021.11.30 23:30 jakbra11 Phone iMessage vibrates like a notifications when I send things?

Why would my phone vibrate like I am getting a message when it was sent by me
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2021.11.30 23:30 Bonenugs22 I have a theory that flores was against the watson trade all along.

So here me out, I have absolutely 0 proof to back this but it's a very interesting thought. I have a feeling that Flores wasn't on board with trading for Watson.
All these changes and our turn around came after the trade deadline, Tua hurt his finger and was kept out because "brissett gave us the best chance to win" right before the deadline. If he really wanted to get Watson and get rid of Tua he would have done everything he could to get more out of the offense and get/keep tua on the field. By keeping him out for multiple games from multiple injuries all it did was kill his trade value and I think it was on purpose.
Every time he was asked about the trade rumors he couldn't fully deny it because they were true BUT it he didn't want it. He was always disappointed/annoyed/frustrated with the question and all he could do to answer was support Tua and repeat that he was his starting QB.
In all, any coach trying to make a trade like this would be trying to up the trade value by getting decent performance. And bare minimum he would have made Tua a healthy scratch to prevent any injuries.
Now I never saw flores as the kind of coach that would tank a season, but I whole heartedly believe him to be the coach that would do whatever it takes to protect and keep those that he believes in and I would expect the change in the players came from either them being on board from the beginning or that when he explained it they were thrilled by him putting his neck on the line for one of them.
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2021.11.30 23:30 skeezyboi123 her friends joined us to our first date

imma keep it as short as possible.
I'm M18, and she's F17. We've been talking over instagram and facetime for about 2 weeks now. We go to different schools, but they're only 10 minutes away. Furthermore, she and her ex recently split up. Anyways we asked each other out 3 days ago, and we agreed on meeting up today for a date at a starbucks. However, when I got there, 2 of her close friends were there. I stayed anyways and got to know her friends and left after an hour and half. As I went to leave, she walked me to out and apologized. I told her that I thought it would be just us and she replied with "I thought that too, but they came along and I couldn't stop them because they don't know about us." I said I understand and that if she'd like, I'd be more than willing to try again and go out with her correctly, without her friends. She said she'd like that, and then I left. 4 hours later at home and she's being distant and not texting back. Not really sure what to do... I really do like this girl and she feels the same way, and over facetime, we can't get enough of each other. Meeting up in person didn't go as planned, and now she's being dry and I'm not sure what to do...:(
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2021.11.30 23:30 lighttree18 Okay so yikes, what can I do with 5$ worth of BNB coin?

Okay so I messed up and may have convert my last remaining USDT to BNB, like I said clueless. Now I have tried everything, trying to convert, trying to buy but cant do any of that since the minimum amount is of 0.05 BNB. What can I do with this amount?, its sitting there looking all pretty mocking my last two remaining brain cells.
I did lock it in defi staking for a couple of days and it raised my total to 5.31 $ so yayy, but is this the most I can do with such low amount of BNB? Do I just stake it and forget it exists for two months?
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.11.30 23:30 cyberchaox Well that was quick.

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2021.11.30 23:30 tank_panzer Are we still sharing Game Over thumbnails?

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2021.11.30 23:30 OverBudget Light placement on a budget.

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2021.11.30 23:30 Red2607 Decided to finally add a 265e “Blue Streak” to my Christmas tree layout this year!

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2021.11.30 23:30 robandambah I need advice for my chicken!

My chicken, Truffle, has had a dry and pale comb lately. She is still acting normal and is excited for food. She is near 10 years away old and also just molted
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2021.11.30 23:30 sharewithme WoTH: Vocabulary Quiz - Day 452 Evening

See words and translations for the past 24 hours below.

English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
nineteen dix-neuf neunzehn diciannove desenove diecinueve
divide divise Missing? dividere dividir divide
approximation approximation die Annäherung ravvicinamento aproximação aproximación
back derrière der Rücken schiena costas / voltar / apoiar atrás
lively vif Missing? vivo animado animado
extinction disparu das Aussterben estinguere extinção extinción
beak pioche Schnabel becco bico pico
admission Missing? Zulassung ammissione admissão admisión
star étoile der Stern stella estrela estrella
coefficient coefficient der Beiwert coefficente coeficiente coeficiente
grammatical grammatical grammatisch grammaticale gramatical gramatical
pepper poivre der Pfeffer Missing? pimenta pimiento
Report any incorrect translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
Thank you for all of your help and support!
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2021.11.30 23:30 ElPikminMaster Pokemon Unavailable in Two Generations (mostly includes Gen 7, but also Gen 8)

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2021.11.30 23:30 simplymollyy My recent rugs! still learning 💖 @oopsiedaisyrugs on insta

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2021.11.30 23:30 Ryder1329_ What is the difference and what version should i play. If it helps i downloaded from firgirl.

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2021.11.30 23:30 ritic_ We’re in Halo Infinite?

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2021.11.30 23:30 BabbalaRooter WHY HAVE YOU ALL FORSAKEN ME?

Blessed and faithful community,
I have literally used and loved y'all for everything, every year; I was a reality TV newbie - not even American Idol - when my young and wonderfully naive self found this sub, which opened my eyes to....RHONY. My life was forever changed. 5 Cities (+ Vanderpump Rules) later and I found myself stranded on the lonely island of rewatch destiny, desperate for new drama, self loathing, and Cheeto munching soundtracks. Desperate for a way out of this maze, the promised land YOU presented ranged from Miami S2 (fine, but wheres the bond?), OC season 7 (re-painted my nails 3 times), Southern Charm (im a brown female????)and NEVER, EVER Dallas. Lord oh lord, I must pull out my Jesus juice and speak/ask my fellow RH family the truth.
Good blessed crowd, WHY oh WHY have you (let me and other lost souls) SLEPT ON THIS?! These women are INSANE. They're peak trash, obsessed w themselves and proud of it, and the perfect hate-watch for so many reasons (husbands, accents, "my upbringing was like footloose! etc.). In lieu of an answer, I therefore post this with a heavy heart in defense of RHOD for all future lost Bravo wanderers: RHOD IS GREAT AND FULFILLS 85% OF YOUR EMPTY (POST S6 VP, S7 BH, S??NY etc) HEARTS.
This has been a warm hearted, well intentioned PSA. Go forth and multiply.
*This post not sponsored by the NRA
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