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dancer!hilda sketch

2021.12.01 00:44 thunderstormshelter dancer!hilda sketch

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2021.12.01 00:44 55gibson Would love to play with bbc kik wolf22b

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2021.12.01 00:44 ScottysGottaGo69 Queen Lucy fires back- tweet aimed at this sub

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2021.12.01 00:44 blitzothebestboss mike wascrapey

mike wascrapey
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2021.12.01 00:44 Catslifephils My 10 cats who came into our lives

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2021.12.01 00:44 Murder_Cat4456 Dude what...Bambi is asexual

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2021.12.01 00:44 Overly_obviousanswer [usa-ny][h] thinkpad [w] PayPal

Thinkpad e14 gen 2
i5 11th gen 16 gb memory 256 storage
asking $620 shipped
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2021.12.01 00:44 SpikesEvilTwin Requesting r/asianguysSFW as lead Mod acct. suspended and alternate Mods accts. inactive

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2021.12.01 00:44 badassputinator Clinical Hours?

How is everyone else getting their clinical hours? Seriously, these days, it feels as though it is impossible. Either your parents are doctors, so they can "find" a clinical opportunity, or you have to pay thousands of dollars to become a Phlebotomist, CNA, etc. Yet, before COVID, I remember clinical hours being easy to find. In HS, I remember, I worked up 250+ hours at my local Urgent-Care. I loved the experience and it's a big reason I intend on going into medicine.
But now, like all hospitals in my area, all the volunteer programs are shuttered. Even shadowing for the docs I used to volunteer for in the UC is 99% impossible. And, from what I know, I need clinical experiences from college, not HS.
Non-clinical I have down. Work experience I have down. But obtaining clinical experience, especially with omicron incoming, seems impossible. Yet, med schools don't seem to budge on this "silent" requirement.
Any guidance?
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2021.12.01 00:44 sh3rryl1 Depression :/

  1. Family hates me, school sucks grades suck. Been embarrassed in class at least a million times and nobody likes me there either. Wanna cut my entire arm off seriously. Can't do anything to my body and go to school looking like a hideous bitch every day. I suffer from OCD depression BDD misophonia and anger issues but parents don't care. Telling me a therapist would waste "study time" and "money" and threatening to call the police. Also always argue about me and leave me so fucking guilty. Don't blame them for hating me. Never could concentrate or achieve anything despite all the money they spend on me. Also I'm stupid lol. Both academically and emotionally. Never could get my point through without it coming out wrong. Lied to them about grades cuz I can't bear it anymore. Used to get straight As now I stress over Bs. Have to deal with 6 academic/extracurricular clubs as if school wasn't bad enough. Parents also seem extremely biased towards my sister. Ik my parents probably love me but I just can't love them back. Haven't changed or washed in a few days now. I'm so rude to everyone but can't control myself I swear. Hope you understand, but if you don't I'm okay with that. Sorry for the vent lmao.
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2021.12.01 00:44 27thDimensionMusic Audio unit causing crash

On several of my GarageBand projects I’ve been experiencing a message saying “an audio unit has detected a problem that may cause the program to be unstable” and forcing me to quit GarageBand. Then when I try to open the file again GarageBand immediately crashes. The projects aren’t large or using heavy effects and I can’t find a pattern on which projects choose to freeze and crash. I’m on an M1 MacBook Air; thanks in advance if anyone can help me here.
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2021.12.01 00:44 DameDaneDameNanoYo Tower of Fantasy devs apologise for stealing Honkai Impact assets lol

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2021.12.01 00:44 GroundbreakingSet187 Andre Dickens, a Veteran City Council Member, Is Elected Mayor of Atlanta

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2021.12.01 00:44 PfoorKhoays 🌀 GreenFEG presale is LIVE | New, exclusive and limited NFT collection coming soon 🔥 Launch @ 19:00 UTC ✅

🔥 Mint exclusive Green FEG NFTs 🔥
✅ RUG FREE - 100% SAFE
The Telegram group is growing extremely fast. DO NOT miss out. We are FULLY DOXXED on video chat through telegram. We will stay live for around 2+ hours every day to let everyone know that we are active and working hard. We are putting 100% into our project! New and unique NFTs are being created that are going to be exclusive for GreenFEG community
About Green FEG
Green FEG says no to rugs and scammers, we want to help people suffering from all the scams on the BSC. People scam because it's easy, but we want to do provide you with a safe token with excellent rewards and benefits from holding even though it will be harder! We have a real use case to develop, we will need a lot of funds to provide on our promises. Because of this, we are trying to get our name out there so we can have a successful launch so we can kickstart our development for the use case. We want to be pioneers in the NFT scene, that's why we will create Green FEG NFTs, which will be a limited edition release. Green FEG will be the beginning of a different NFTs collection series. We are currently developing DAPP marketplace where you can trade those NFTs with a minor minting price and minor transaction fees.
We have a lot to give! This is why we are launching GreenFEG, you just have to hold some to get crazy rewards based on volumes.
A % of every transaction will be automatically distributed to holders. These rewards will be with BNB, cause you know why wouldn't we choose it! We have a presale still live which is 66% sold already! So get in while you can because if you miss it you will regret it! As we are going to the stars. The moon is FUD!
Why choose us?
🏆 3% Liquidity
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Bot free group, Our TG is now open to the public, Join the community before we launch!
- 13% Total Tax
- 6% Reward to Holders
- 3% liquidity pool
- 4% Marketing
✅ Verified BSC Contract: 0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
🔐 LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE7dE194fD2Ad5852891346c1bDa856612Bb24B2c
🔐 Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
🔐 Pancake : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
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2021.12.01 00:44 youknowwhatfuckyou13 The Boy$ x REDZED

Do you think they would sound good or do you think with the new style of the boy$ it wouldn’t workout
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2021.12.01 00:44 DClearEE Kimchi Fried Cauliflower Rice

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2021.12.01 00:44 Iman_P Better captain boost CB

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2021.12.01 00:44 politicaly_incorect How big a role does religion play in your life?

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2021.12.01 00:44 raymv1987 ETH Today be Like

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2021.12.01 00:44 JustARandomDragon27 about Apistogramma Hongsloi behaviour.

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2021.12.01 00:44 johnshithimself do u guys think sematary got a tight bussy? like i wanna know if that shit loose or nah

do u guys think sematary got a tight bussy? like i wanna know if that shit loose or nah
like fr what u guys think
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2021.12.01 00:44 carchasemovies SCREAM (2022) is officially rated R for “strong bloody violence, language throughout and some sexual references”

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2021.12.01 00:44 Buujin83 Finally joined the gang today

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2021.12.01 00:44 quress I'm upset my mother gifted me a puppy as a surprise.

I love dogs. Always been a dog person and always will be. Hell, I've owned 4 of them in my life before yesterday, 3 of which who are no longer with us and 1 who is the last remaining of his brothers who I love more than anything in the world. He's a very old dog who needs a lot of attention due to his age, but I don't mind caring for him because he's been in my family for 17 years.
So anyway, it's been 17 years since I've last had a puppy. A lot has changed for me since then. I live with less people now, I have more responsibilities, and I get exhausted more easily. I've had thoughts about how nice it would be to get another dog, but recognized the effort that comes with it. My mother, on the other hand, only saw that my senior dog was not going to be around much longer and thought of how miserable I'd be when the time comes for him to leave. So her solution was to gift me a puppy as a surprise Christmas gift.
I know how much work and money and love she put into this gift. On the surface, it's a very sweet and thoughtful idea intended only to make me happy, and I did try my best to show gratitude when she brought him home. The puppy is actually really well behaved for the most part and I probably could take care of him without any issue if I was just raising him by himself. The biggest problem that's been driving me crazy is how upset my senior dog is about having a new baby brother.
My senior dog doesn't fight with other animals, but he cannot handle the energy the puppy brings. The puppy keeps trying to teeth on him, sit on him, sit on his beds, take his toys, etcetera etcetera and my senior dog just wants to be left alone. I try to pick up the puppy and put him in timeout in his little cage when he gets too rough with the other dog, but I know teaching him to not chew on his brother is going to take a long time and I'm already losing my mind after two days of this. I haven't been able to sleep at all because I don't want the puppy biting his brother while I'm sleeping, and I don't want him crying all night from being locked in a cage.
I absolutely hate seeing my senior dog being so uncomfortable. I know it's not uncommon for dogs to take time getting used to each other, but when he is unhappy, I am unhappy. We've been together by ourselves for 5 years, goddammit, of course I want him to be comfortable in the remaining time I have left with him! I had full intention of spoiling him until his last days because I know we have limited time left together!
The worst part about all of this is how my mother can't understand what's making me so upset. She's so strung up on how much time and money she spent getting this puppy for me that she doesn't even care about me breaking down in tears from how stressed out it's made me. She's telling me how I can "give the puppy to someone else and throw all that money away" and that she did this all for my sake. She's already showed off the puppy to our relatives and keeps telling me it will get better after some time, completely ignoring my panic attacks and actively picking on me when my voice starts to get high pitched from the stress. Just an hour ago I got fed up and told her that she was the one who brought the puppy home so she should be the one to take care of it, but then she made a whole big deal about it being a gift for me and that I have no choice but to keep him.
If I didn't have my senior dog to worry about, I would honestly just pack up some clothes and leave the house for a little while because I can't handle the guilt tripping. Yes, mom, I know the meaning behind this gift, but for the love of god can you please just think about what you've done to me!? I feel like a mother who's teenage daughter just brought home a baby, yet somehow it's my mother that brought home a baby and is shaming me for not being grateful for this.
In the end I know I'm keeping the puppy. It's not his fault he was given to me and I'd rather take care of him than give him to a shelter where he could be miserable. I just needed to get all this off my chest because I am so tired and frustrated.
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2021.12.01 00:44 IAmScaredOfLadybugs How do I bring up to my date that I was r*ped?

It happened about 2 months ago and I'm still sort of processing and dealing with stuff. How should I tell him? I don't want to not say anything because it is really likely that if we get intimate I will freeze or panic. What if he doesn't want me?
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