Flip car by Stupidity

2022.01.20 10:15 critical-th1nk Flip car by Stupidity

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Hello am a new game developer, I have only one year of experience in the field. I am in the weirdest time in my life and the hardest one. why? cuz: I am 23 years old and I live in Africa (Algeria) + I dropped out of High School cuz a lot of reasons (I was bad + no concentration .....) I was not interested in studying but I was in love with video editing and video games + Art In 2020 September I downloaded Unity and started learning like everyone else from tutorials and now I am making my first game and my goal is to publish it this year on steam I have already built the page and free demo.
I am a little bit proud of what I made so far for my first game
you are wondering why I'm writing this? I want answers! Btw in my country, you can live for just 500$ a month is it possible to make a living by just making games on steam? is game dev Risky? I know a few people who made hundreds of thousands of dollars from games but this is a small percentage!
what do you think about this situation dropping out of High School and making video games? if you want to know what game I am making you can search for Pre Dusk

Sorry for my English if I made mistakes lol.
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2022.01.20 10:15 Impressive_Bit4198 N$FW | XXXNifty | Tomorrow there will be a HUGE Meta announcement | If you think HUGE - it’s probably more HUGE🚀 | This will be revealed in AMA | check the telegram for details | Also 50% of supply is staked | So nifty is still growing up and green📈 | While Market is shit - N$FW is up

N$FW | XXXNifty | Tomorrow there will be a HUGE Meta announcement | If you think HUGE - it’s probably more HUGE🚀 | This will be revealed in AMA | check the telegram for details | Also 50% of supply is staked | So nifty is still growing up and green📈 | While Market is shit - N$FW is up submitted by Impressive_Bit4198 to cryptomarketsbet [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 10:15 DukeoftheCheesecake General consensus on stuff 5

The final one. Technology. Select best option.
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2022.01.20 10:15 Radha1954 ikebana flower arrangment for lunar new year part 1# ikebana with lucky red pussy willows

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2022.01.20 10:15 Wash_T M@dJuster - My Soul Blue

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2022.01.20 10:15 el_wakim Long History Of Success For Skoda At The Monte Carlo Rally

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2022.01.20 10:15 PyroCatt Option to hide development console

It keeps on popping up when I play the game offline. I don't want to know errors in the game (it is not affecting the gameplay as far as I am concerned). Please provide an option to hide it. When I I click on clear or close, something behind it gets affected as well.
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2022.01.20 10:15 Holamoncat Historic Monuments and Sites in Kaesong

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2022.01.20 10:15 JureV55 Marin Miletić uputio zastupničko pitanje ministrici poljoprivrede

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2022.01.20 10:15 Karac_Avalron Valheim - Great seed, 2 maypoles and bosses very close by - GtrppvI8EU

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2022.01.20 10:15 WeatherShaman Fighting Legend Multiplayer

Is there a way to play fighting legend in multiplayer through a mod or something like fightcade?
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2022.01.20 10:15 Few-Solution3050 Can't Set Privacy to "Coming Soon" Anymore?

I want to revert my site privacy back to a "coming soon" page, which was usually done by going to settings -> privacy -> set the site to private.
However, now when I go to the privacy tab, I am just met with something about privacy policy.
All I have displayed on the privacy tab is something along the lines of
"As a website owner, you may need to follow national or international privacy laws. For example, you may need to create and display a Privacy Policy. If you already have a Privacy Policy page, please select it below. If not, please create one.
The new page will include help and suggestions for your Privacy Policy. However, it is your responsibility to use those resources correctly, to provide the information that your Privacy Policy requires, and to keep that information current and accurate.
There is no settings to choose if I want my site to be private or public anymore.
Has a recent update moved the privacy setting elsewhere, or is there something else going on?
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2022.01.20 10:15 bestpodcastclips Intermittent Fasting Promotes Longevity; Low Insulin Activates Anti-Aging Genes (short audio clip from Dr. David Sinclair)

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2022.01.20 10:15 Ellen_Pirgo Problem when importing functions, all the code runs

Hi guys,
I was watching a lesson on how to import functions from a different file, and I replicated the logic on two files:
-moduliPackages.py : it's the file where I import and use functions,
-functions.py: is the file where I have defined the functions
In moduliPackages I am using the statement 'from functions import *', and after that I use print_time(), that is one of the functions imported.
The problem is that when I run moduliPackages it runs all the code that I have written in functions.py (so stuff like print statements ecc).
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

from datetime import datetime print('Inizio lezione') def print_time(): print('task completed') print(datetime.now()) def print_task(task_name): print(task_name) print(datetime.now()) first_name= 'Joe' #input('Inserisci il tuo nome: ') last_name= 'Jonetti' #input('Inserisci il tuo cognome: ') first_initial= first_name[0:1] last_initial= last_name[0:1] print('the letters are: '+ first_initial + last_initial) 
from functions import * print_time() print_task('test') 
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2022.01.20 10:15 morenewsat11 Canadian Scientists Urge Rejection of Carbon Capture Tax Credit

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2022.01.20 10:15 Chieri_ [Various] música japonesa. 2hr1min.

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2022.01.20 10:15 4flannels Black Pontiac - November State of Mind

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2022.01.20 10:15 pamonhamassada KKKKKKKKKK

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2022.01.20 10:15 TheRealMoash Attack of the Show - Episode 1328

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2022.01.20 10:15 iamcalifw 🌟 FlokiBonk Stealth Launched To Give Everyone A Fair Shot! ✅ Renounced Ownership💎 Admin Team From Around The World! 🔒 LP Locked for 1 Year 🔥 Dont Miss This 100x meme token! Only 0% Tax Fee

The beauty of FlokiBonk, is the community decides everything....future roadmap/whitepaper, website, logo, CMC/Coingecko applications etc.
Why FlokiBonk?
TG - https://t.me/flokibonk_official
It is just amazing and the community is just as great! This is far way better from other defi tokens as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for particularly holding for long run . We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .
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100% verified contract -
TG - https://t.me/flokibonk_official
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✅ Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0xbFA23C7a9bd4a5d928ee02862f341DBb8FB47B71
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LP locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4c89eb831887d580ed89d6b843c13bc6f5a3550a
This project is SAFU. This project is fun. This project will have a big day. This project will have a big future.
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2022.01.20 10:15 Nexuskuki EasyBuild Mode not recognizing modules

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me in this as I'm kinda stuck and it's hard to find someone that can clarify doubts for this game.
If you enter EasyBuild mode after spawning a new Laborer ship it will allow you to highlight the modules and detach them using the building tool. The modules go to the inventory and you can happily use it later and stick them on another ship.

This is great if you need to install an additional thruster on your other Laborer ships but you have no idea how to do it (yet). This beautiful hope fades the minute the modules are no longer recognized and highlighted since now the building tool only highlight beams, forcing you to do the repairing job tutorial and get a new ship. This is a consistent thing that happen for some cosmical reason that I'm too dumb to understand.
I'm stuck in a loop where I need to respawn a ship every two hours to get a thruster and install it on my tutorial ship.
Steps I tried already:
-Close, re-open the game
-Verify the installation files on Steam
-Send the ship in deep space then tow it into the EBM
-Switch between another ship and disable/enable EBM

I know Ship Designer is better for this purpose and I swear I'm studying hard to understand the whole thing but I don't have a lot of time and I would like to enjoy the "game" in my spare disgraceful afternoons. If anyone can help I can just vow my eternal gratefulness.
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2022.01.20 10:15 Zealousideal_Push353 Tfbx hava yolları

Uygulama üzerinden oyun oynayarak bedava token. Son günlerde müthiş bir çıkış içinde.
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2022.01.20 10:15 kingbdjjdi Know like I know gone be the deluxe ig

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2022.01.20 10:15 Yakitori-Sama Aliexpress tings

I wanna firstly say but WTF IS UP WITH MERCH? WTF IS THIS BS???! I checked every site and I realized that a simple keychain I just wanted to get for itsuki is like $60 or more and there ain’t no frickin way I wanna pay that ITS A KEYCHAIN NOT A FRICKIN COMPLICATED ITEM
It’s only a keychain I wanted to add to my keys or my school bag or smth to carry around but that crap is so overpriced wtf. I checked aliexpress and saw a super cheap super cute one bc a friend of mine told me he got his akame keychain from there, but they don’t seem trustworthy
But tbh idc if it’s fake I just wanna know if it’s worth the money for other reasons like shipping and all that
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