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China's 2021 soy imports from U.S. rise while Brazilian shipments fall

2022.01.20 12:02 MennoniteDan China's 2021 soy imports from U.S. rise while Brazilian shipments fall

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2022.01.20 12:02 Usurpist Looking to hire someone to paint the BBEG for my campaign; Deep Dragon [MI] looking for someone in the US

Looking for someone to paint this mini As a high quality 4e Deep Dragon, (the 5e deep dragon is not pretty :/ )
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2022.01.20 12:02 xxGon How do you cope with and accept the fact that some people don't want to talk to you again?

I've been in therapy for a long time, my mental health has fluctuated over the years and I've lost people. Problem is, when this happens, I ruminate-- it's extremely discomforting and I don't know how to move past these feelings in a healthy manner.
I find that the majority of my former friends that did this became distant and decided to eventually ghost me. It's left me feeling pretty crappy. I used to complain/vent often, which I understand pushed them away. I don't do that nearly as much, it's much more controlled now. But, the damage was done, and those people don't want to talk to me now.
I wish I wasn't mentally ill :(
I also feel like this prevents me from making new friendships. I keep thinking about the fact I was ghosted without any closure and it makes me reluctant to try to talk to new people. Seems like this is bound to happen in all my friendships eventually.
Any advice?
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Is there a thin space in Source Sans Pro? U+2009 appears as a normal space
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2022.01.20 12:02 niuz-bot Wall Street Journal: Directorul CIA, vizită secretă în Europa, la Berlin și Kiev, cu o săptămână înaintea turneului secretarului de stat american Antony Blinken - [Analize]

Directorul CIA, Bill Burns, a efectuat o vizită secretă în Europa, la Berlin şi Kiev, cu o săptămână înaintea turneului secretarului de stat al SUA,… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/wall-street-journal-directorul-cia-vizita-secreta-in-europa-la-berlin-si-kiev-cu-o-saptamana-inaintea-turneului-secretarului-de-stat-american-antony-blinken.html
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To learn more and apply for the job, please see Vision Scientist / Engineer - Careers at Apple
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2022.01.20 12:02 rosheromil Hollywood Sasha | Part I: The Lineal Champ

Hollywood Sasha | Part I: The Lineal Champ I guess we're including pictures now
Sasha Banks is one of the best women's wrestlers of her generation. She has done almost everything there is to do in the WWE and after her recent success in the movie industry, she now looks destined for a stint in Hollywood at some point as well. The goal here is to take a current WWE wrestler and book them in the wider wrestling world, and I feel that the wider wrestling world needs nothing more than a woman of Sasha's talents and star-power. So, as Michael Cole would scream ad nauseam every time she appears..... It's Boss Time!..

Prologue Royal Rumble 2022
Women's Royal Rumble Match
We’re in the final four of the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble Match. There's no one left to enter. The only hopefuls left standing are Rhea Ripley, Shotzi Blackheart, Bianca Belair, and the woman who entered at number 3 - Sasha Banks. The Boss has been the iron woman of the bout, much like she was in the first-ever women's Rumble four years prior. Ripley and Belair, the last two standing a year ago, battle it out near the apron. Meanwhile, Shotzi and Sasha do the same on the other side. Shotzi attempts to fireman's carry Bank over the top, but Sasha holds onto the ropes. Blackheart then pulls her off and hits a TKO. She runs at Banks who’s now staggering, as she looks to clothesline her over the top, but Banks counters pulling down the top rope, sending Shotzi out to the floor. Shotzi is eliminated!
On the other side, Bianca decks Rhea with a stiff right. Ripley is on the apron. Bianca runs at her from in the ring and handstand-kicks her off the apron. We’re down to two! The two women that main evented last year's WrestleMania, now come face to face at the end of the Rumble. After five minutes of attempted eliminations and counters, Bianca meets Banks with a nasty whip of the hair, just as she did 9 months prior in Tampa. She follows with a big-time Spear! Sasha is hurt. Bianca scoops her up for the KOD, looking to send the Blueprint over the top rope with the move. But in mid-air, Sasha readjusts and hurricanrana's Belair, sending her to the outside! Sasha has done it! She has won the Royal Rumble for the first time in her career! WrestleMania beckons for the Boss…
Sasha Banks wins the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble by last eliminating Bianca Belair (59:29)

After her Royal Rumble win, Sasha Banks remains coy on which champion she wants to face at WrestleMania 38. The champions just so happen to be two of her fellow horsewomen, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Whilst she’s mulling over the decision, WWE announces a women's Elimination Chamber match to determine who will face the other champion at WrestleMania. In that match are three out of the final four in the Rumble, Rhea Ripley, Shotzi Blackheart, and Bianca Belair, as well as Liv Morgan, Naomi, and the returning Bayley, who has shown John Cena levels of recovery to make it back after her injury. Before we get to that event though, Sasha appears on both RAW and Smackdown to meet with her potential WrestleMania opponents. Big Time Becks reminds Sasha of her own fabled accomplishment on the Grandest Stage of Them All three years ago, when she lifted both RAW and Smackdown Women's Championships over her head at WrestleMania. That same week on Smackdown, Charlotte brags about being crowned the first-ever Women's Champion at WrestleMania 32 when she beat both Banks and Lynch in a trailblazing triple threat match.
Both remind Sasha that she’s yet to even win at WrestleMania yet alone have a historic Mania moment of her own. A lightbulb goes off in the Blueprint's head. She knows what she needs to do to go down in WrestleMania folklore. After years of defeats and near misses, she craves that WrestleMania moment, and when she gets it, she wants it to be the biggest of them all. Antagonized by Charlotte Flair, she uses her Royal Rumble win to fight for the Smackdown Women's Championship at the Elimination Chamber, and if she wins she promises to go on to WrestleMania and unify the belts against The Man on the Grandest Stage. Three years ago she sat on the sideline as Becky hoisted those titles high, now she wants a moment like that of her own. She knows...to be the woman, you must beat the man.

Elimination Chamber 2022
Smackdown Women's Championship – Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Sasha Banks
Earlier in the night, Becky Lynch retains her title in a fun match against the recently returned Alexa Bliss. Before we get to the women’s chamber match, two well-known rivals Flair and Banks meet yet again with massive WrestleMania implications looming. As we know they are far from strangers to one another, and this shows throughout a classic 20-minute affair. The Boss and the Queen at loggerheads again. It seems like it’s gonna be a stalemate, Charlotte has kicked out of a Frog Splash, Banks has survived Natural Selection. After both rise to their feet, Charlotte slaps a fatigued Banks in the face before shouting ‘you’ll never get your WrestleMania moment!’.
As she goes for a second slap, Banks ducks. Charlotte’s momentum swings her around and Banks hits the Backstabber, followed by the Bank Statement! Sasha has it locked in! She can literally see the WrestleMania 38 sign in front of her, symbolizing how close she is to her big dream. But suddenly, Charlotte rolls onto her side, rolling up Banks - just like Becky did at Survivor Series. The Queen grabs the ropes when the ref isn’t looking..1..2..3.! NO! Charlotte retains the championship. Sasha Banks’ WrestleMania dream has gone up in smoke. She wanted it all. You could say it was greed or just bold ambition, either way, it’s come back to haunt her....
Smackdown Women's Championship - Charlotte Flair (c) def. Sasha Banks (21:01)

Later on that night, the returning Bayley is victorious inside the Elimination Chamber. The Role Model has booked her ticket to WrestleMania, and wanting to upstage her former best friend Sasha, Bayley intends to use her victory to fight for both titles on the Grandest Stage. She claims that since Sasha’s WrestleMania opportunity has been squandered it leaves both titles without a contender. Charlotte agrees because she herself wants to do what Becky did in front of her very eyes three years ago and win both belts at the Grandaddy of them all. Lynch herself also agrees, looking for a repeat of her most famous triumph. WWE officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville authorize the match. It will be a triple threat match between Charlotte, Becky, and Bayley to crown an Undisputed Women's Champion. But what about Sasha? Where does this leave the only horsewoman to never get her big triumph at WrestleMania?
Sasha goes to Pearce looking for a way to get into that match and make it a Fatal Four Way. Pearce is apologetic but ultimately rejects her wishes, claiming she already used her opportunity at Elimination Chamber. This is a throwback to Rey Mysterio's (her idol's best friend) journey to WrestleMania 22. Banks confronts her former best pal Bayley on Smackdown, looking to reason with her former Golden Role Model partner. Unfortunately for her, Bayley is her usually trolling self and laughs at Sasha for wasting her WrestleMania opportunity, saying it’s like she wants to never get her Mania moment. Stephanie McMahon however, has other ideas. The woman who brought these superstars up from NXT a few years ago see’s an opportunity. The long-awaited Four Horsewoman Fatal Four Way at WrestleMania for both the RAW and Smackdown Women's Championships. She tells Sasha that if she beats her friend turned rival Bayley at Fastlane, then she will be inserted into the match…

Fastlane 2022
Sasha Banks vs Bayley
Banks and Bayley have had multiple classic matches over the years, dating all the way back to their time in the black and gold, where they had arguably the best women's match of all time at Takeover: Brooklyn in 2015. A lot has changed since that fateful night, they’ve been friends, they’ve been bitter enemies, now they stand in the way of each other’s WrestleMania dreams. There's a buzz in the crowd for this match, it’s the first time they’ve wrestled each other in front of one in four years. The feud that was deserving of live fans last year now gets it and because of that, the atmosphere is loud and energetic. Sasha wrestles like a woman on a mission. She takes down Bayley immediately at the sound of the bell, after some trash talk from the Role Model. This is a complete reverse of their Takeover Brooklyn show-stealer. Throughout the match, Bayley still looks a bit rusty after her long layoff in which she spent rehabbing her injured ACL...
Sasha decides not to target the knee, not wanting to take the cheap route to her Mania dream. Bayley does, however. Late in the bout, she feigns an injury in order to catch Banks by surprise with a Bayley to Belly! 1..2…Sasha stays in it! Sasha gets back up slowly and then quickly swings at Bayley in desperation but Bayley ducks and locks in the Bank Statement! Sasha is locked in her own move. Bayley knows her all too well. Sasha struggles, will she tap? She's too far from the ropes, with her Mania hopes fading. She grabs Bayley’s rehabilitated knee, putting it into a modified kneebar. Now both women are in trouble. Bayley release the hold looking for the Rose Plant, but Sasha readjusts and roles her up..1…2…3! Sasha has done it! She is going to WrestleMania. We will finally get the Four Horsewomen Fatal Four Way on the big stage….
Sasha Banks def. Bayley (18:34)

It’s official. Not only is the Four Horsewomen fatal four-way finally taking place at WrestleMania, but it will main event Night Two of the extravaganza. This is a match that fans have been eagerly anticipating for years, and all four women have established themselves as some of the best to ever do it throughout that time.
Charlotte Flair, the company’s golden girl who’s thrived as the main heel of the division for many years winning title after title, including becoming the first Women's Champion of the new era at WrestleMania 32 and becoming the first to defeat Asuka and retain the Smackdown Women's Championship at WrestleMania 34...
Bayley came up to the scene a year later than her peers but immediately won the hearts of fans around the nation, with her most famous accomplishment coming when she retained the RAW Women's Championship at WrestleMania 33. She would later reinvent herself as a charismatic ‘Role Model’, dominating the women's division throughout 2020, a year which also saw her pick up another big win at WrestleMania 36.
Becky Lynch found moderate success on the main roster for a few years after her call up but it wasn’t until 2018 when ‘The Man’ really took off. She became arguably the most popular superstar, male or female on any brand, pinning Ronda Rousey to win both RAW and Smackdown Women's Championships in the main event of WrestleMania 35.
And then there’s Sasha Banks. For all her accomplishments, and there have been many, the Boss has never won a match at the Showcase of the Immortals. She journeys into the lone star state, to the home of her first-ever WrestleMania at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, looking to right all the wrongs that she’s experienced on her journey so far…

WrestleMania 38 | Four Horsewomen Fatal-4-Way

WrestleMania 38
Undisputed Women's Championship – Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs Bayley
After an epic video package highlighting the four horsewoman's storied careers, we’re ready for the main event. Sasha enters first to a thunderous ovation as her cousin Snoop Dogg performs the remixed version of her theme, next is Bayley as a choir signs her to the ring. The Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte arrives third, after an elaborate entrance fit for a Queen similar to Mania 34. And lastly is the RAW Women's Champion, Big Time Becks who of course is gonna do things, well, big time. She arrives in the passenger's seat of a red Ferrari SF90, with the RAW Women's Championship in her possession. Entrances and introductions are complete, we’re ready for the bell....
It sounds and the match is underway, for the first 15 minutes, it’s frantic, fast-paced action, a women's warzone where everyone gets their shit in. The highlights being Bayley hitting a Diving Elbow onto the outside, crashing Sasha through a table; Becky Mandhandle Slamming Charlotte off the apron onto some steel steps; Sasha hitting a Diving Meteora on both Becky and Bayley, who crash into the floor around ringside, and Charlotte executing one of her patented moonsaults, taking everyone out on the outside. As we get in the home stretch, it’s Charlotte and Sasha left in the ring. Charlotte takes down Sasha with a Big Boot before hitting Natural Selection. 1…2..Sasha kicks out! Charlotte looks for the Figure Eight but in comes Bayley, who rolls her up from behind…1…2 another kick out. Bayley wastes little time looking for the Bayley to Belly but Charlotte counters and ends up locking in the Figure Eight. As Bayley nears tapping, off the top rope comes Becky Lynch who breaks it up with a diving leg drop onto Charlotte….
Becky wipes out Bayley and Charlotte with consecutive Germans before looking to hit one on Sasha. Sasha flips out into an amazing reverse-rana. Banks looks to go up high. She attempts the Frog Splash on Lynch but Charlotte instead plucks her out of thin air with a Spear! 1..2..Bayley breaks it up! Bayley then connects with a Bayley to Belly on Charlotte…1..2..this time Sasha breaks it up! Bayley and Sasha then stand in the ring face to face. Lynch makes her way up to her feet but so does Charlotte and that two stare each other down as well. Each woman opposite the horsewoman they share the most history with. Bayley swings at Sasha but Sasha goes low, rolls her through, and locks in the Banks Statement. Meanwhile, Charlotte kicks Becky's legs from under her, bounces off the ropes looking for Natural Selection but Becky ducks before catching Charlotte in the Disarm-her.
Banks has Bayley in the Banks Statement, Becky has Charlotte in the Disarm-her. Who will get the submission first? After an intense struggle with the crowd on their feet, Becky quickly releases the hold to break up the Banks Statement. Charlotte and Bayley are down and roll out the ring. Becky looks for the Manhandle Slam but Sasha gets out of it and goes behind…Backbreaker into the Banks Statement! Becky is in the center of the ring, there's no one around to break the hold….The champ is out of options, Sasha has her dream literally in her grasps, unwilling to let go. After moments of struggle, Becky taps out! Sasha has done it! Banks is the new Undisputed Women's Champion! The Boss finally has her big moment at WrestleMania! The bell sounds, her music plays, she’s presented with both the RAW and Smackdown Women's Championships as confetti reigns down and pyro explodes over the AT&T Stadium. Michael Cole can’t contain his excitement…’ it’s the Bosses Time!’ he yells. Sasha Banks, just like she did all the way back in 2014, wins the horsewomen fatal four-way and she leaves WrestleMania, finally, as the victor…
Women's Championship - Sasha Banks def. Becky Lynch (c), Charlotte Flair (c) & Bayley (25:38)

One night removed from the biggest moment of her career, Sasha Banks shows up on RAW as the Undisputed Women's Champion. She thanks her fans, even all the toxic ones on Twitter, saying they’ve inspired her to strive for greatness throughout her career. And now, she can truly say she has done everything she set out to do when she walked into the WWE performance center many years ago. She’s held titles, she’s won the Rumble, she’s main evented pay-per-views, she’s been one of the faces of this women's revolution and she finally got her WrestleMania moment. But now, now ‘I’m done' she says with a relieved smile on her face as the fans looked on confused. She says she’s going to take both these titles back to gorilla, hand them over to the McMahons and go be a bigger star than they could ever imagine. And she does exactly that. The camera follows her through to the backstage area where a concerned mob of execs await her. She hands over one title to Vince and the other to Steph before walking out…. like a boss.
In the aftermath of this shocker, the titles are vacated. Sasha Banks is granted her release from the company. For the next year and a half Banks isn’t seen in a wrestling ring. Instead, she journeys to Hollywood, featuring in the Mandalorian and bagging some other high profile roles, including one in Marvel’s new X-Men film. But as the summer of 2023 kicks in, rumors begin circulating that she’s ready for a return to her true passion, pro-wrestling. But the question is, who's squared circle will she step back into?...
End of Prologue

Chapter 1 – Making a Statement AEW Beach Break, July 2023
It’s late July 2023. As mentioned previously, there have been rumours doing the rounds in the IWC that Hollywood actress Sasha Banks is gearing for a return to professional wrestling. Theirs talk from Sean Ross Sapp and other reliable wrestling journalists that she’s in contract negotiations with the WWE but they aren’t the only interested party. When AEW announces Snoop Dogg will be in attendance for a special Beach Break edition of Dynamite at the Cow Palace in San Diego, California, fans begin to wonder if the Boss will become All Elite.
Two weeks after the announcement, there is still no word on Banks’ situation with the WWE. Beach Break rolls around (probably best to have it in the summer anyway). Halfway through the show, Banks’ cousin and friend of AEW, Snoop Dogg comes out to the ring ready to share his announcement. He holds in his hand a black book, that looks like a contract, with a couple of execs present. He gets the fans hyped when he says he has a guest waiting backstage, and even more so when he says he has a contract in his hand that this guest is ready to sign. ‘Boys and girls, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you, the Boss, the Blueprint…the lineal champion of women’s wrestling…Sasha Banks!’ A new Snoop Dogg song resemblant of Sasha’s WWE themes plays.
The Boss has arrived!
Banks walks out to a thunderous pop from the AEW crowd. One of the GOATs of women's wrestling is here on Dynamite. She’s dressed like every bit of the Hollywood stud she has become, as she swaggers on down to the ring, with a smile on her face. She grabs the mic from Snoop. ’16 months ago I stepped out of a wrestling ring thinking I’d done it all. At barely 30 years old, I had accomplished everything I dreamt about doing when I was a little girl. So I walked out. (Cheers from the AEW crowd) And for the last year, your girl has been shining under the bright lights of Hollywood. (She holds out her arms with a smug expression, like a boss) But a couple months back, I got the itch once again. I thought I'd done everything possible in this industry, but then my attention turned right here to A..E..W. (crowd pops). I watched the women of this company put their bodies on the line for this division, and I knew I had to come here (crowd pops)….to show them all how it’s really done'. (she laughs in typical Sasha fashion).
'I bring relevancy, I bring star-power I bring the spotlight to a division that sorely needs it. And that’s why I have this contract in my hands. Today, I officially sign with…(she pauses)…oh you thought? You really thought I would sign with AEW? (Laughs again) No, no, no, the Boss is above that.. This is a contract with Turner Broadcasting and a big one at that. As of right now, (She signs a contract). I am the highest-paid professional wrestler in the world. So no, you’re not gonna get your little ‘Sasha Banks is All Elite’ graphic on social media . I’m better than that. I’m better than Elite. I am the Boss, I am the Blueprint, I am the lineal champion of women's wrestling, ….Hollywood superstar…Sasha Banks’ She drops the mic as her music plays. And she leaves the ring after handing her contract to the execs. The Boss is here and she's better than elite…
This contract situation is a callback to Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s, who himself signed a deal straight with Turner, not WCW. Banks is looking to change the landscape of the industry just like Hogan did in the ’90s with the nWo. You'll see how as this rolls on. As for the use of her WWE name, let’s say WWE granted her the rights to the name before she left for Hollywood to give themselves some of her spotlight as well. After her initial debut appearance at Beach Break, Sasha is seen at one of the usual post-special event press scrambles. She sits next to TK, who is obviously very happy to have her appearing in AEW and signed to the network. Whilst TK is marking out, Sasha is very nice to him but in a way that can also be read as insincere. She talks about how Khan needed a mainstream women's star to help his division and here she is. As she walks out she has a little face-to-face confrontation with the former AEW Women's Champion and in many's eyes, the golden girl of the company, Britt Baker, who doesn’t seem best pleased with Sasha’s arrival. The beef between the two was first rumored after a Twitter altercation that saw Britt mock the WWE for using her catchphrase on Sasha’s merch. I guess now, the Boss really will be seeing her…

The Boss Will See You Now…
This little confrontation makes the round on social media and a face-to-face confrontation is announced between Baker and Banks for the following Dynamite. Things get heated between the two big personalities, with Banks essentially promising to take the division to far greater heights than the DMD ever could, saying thanks but she’ll ‘take the ball from here'. Britt stands her ground, intent to not look inferior to Banks. She claims that Hollywood has filled Sasha’s head with too much make-believe in the last year and that if she got the ball she’d only ended up taking it and going home like she’s done numerous times in the past....
Sasha believes she holds the name value to do something no one thought was possible in women’s wrestling. She has already started a revolution in one company, and she intends to do it in the wider wrestling world. In her mind, Britt Baker had the chance to do that but failed. ‘I’ve beaten Role Models before and I can sure as hell do it again’, she says to the DMD. Sasha wants her first match in AEW to be befitting of the star she is, so she proposes, Britt Baker vs Sasha Banks at AEW All Out on pay-per-view. Britt accepts. Before things can get physical, Sasha leaves the ring, laughing at the DMD. It’s on! Over the next couple of weeks, the match is promoted heavily as the biggest bout in the history of the women's division, as Banks competes in an AEW ring for the first time….

AEW All Out '23 | Sasha Banks vs Britt Baker
AEW All Out '23
Sasha Banks vs. Britt Baker
Sasha’s big debut takes place halfway through a stacked All Out card. Baker enters first, to her usual big pop. She has the love of the AEW faithful but ultimately fans are eager to see what Banks has up her sleeve. The Boss arrives on the scene looking like a million bucks, and now she’s ready to make a statement. Whilst Baker is undeniably great on the mic, the quality of her in-ring work has always been the subject of debate. Having said that, if anyone can help her to a great match it’s Banks. Banks outwrestles Britt for the early periods, with the DMD really having to dig deep to stay in the match. For the first time, Baker looks outclassed and outfoxed. She does well to stay in the affair as the match rolls on past 10 minutes. With both women sporting deadly submission finishers, it’s only natural that this is the focus of the latter stages of the match. Who can synch in their hold first, will it be Sasha’s Banks Statement or will it be Britt’s Lock Jaw?
Banks looks to take down Britt with a Diving Meteora by Britt connects with a nasty Superkick! 1…2. Banks gets the shoulder up. Baker looks for the Curb Stomp but Banks ducks underneath and connects with a Backstabber. She looks to lock in the Banks Statement but Britt desperately tries to fight out of it, and hang with the Boss. The theme of the match. She rolls over Banks and synchs in the Lock Jaw. Britt might just ruin Sasha’s big debut. Sasha manages to maneuver herself to pin Britt, who kicks out at two, but immediately following Banks is back in position for the Banks Statement. Britt can’t escape this time….after much conflict she taps out to Sasha. The DMD swallows her pride. The Boss taps her out to the Banks Statement, ironically making the biggest one she could possibly make. Her status as the lineal champion of women's wrestling is upheld as she kickstarts her wrestling life outside of the WWE with a W…
Sasha Banks def. Britt Baker (16:49)

AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam '23
The Wednesday after All Out, Banks comes out to brag about her victory over the DMD, going on to repeat that she is the lineal champion of women's wrestling. This brings out the new AEW Women's Champion – Toni Storm. Since leaving WWE a few months before Sasha, Storm has risen to major prominence becoming one of the faces of AEW’s women's division. She tells Sasha that whilst ‘the linear champion of women's wrestling’ is a nice little alias probably coined by her agent, she herself is the only one out of the two of them that actually has gold around her waist. Banks doesn’t take kindly to this, and swings for Storm but the new champ sends the Hollywood star out of the ring as the segment comes to a close. An issue with AEW is that they can overexpose some of their big-name signings by rolling them out weekly in heatless segments or matches. With Banks, it perfectly fits her Hollywood gimmick to not show up every week. So, we don’t see her until Grand Slam in late September where she officially announces that she will be entered into the first-ever Women's Eliminator Tournament as she sets her sights on. Already her star-power and status are helping to break new ground in the division.
Speaking of said status, Sasha is given a bye to the semi-finals thanks to the backing she has from the network. In the weeks that follow, it’s determined that she will face a now-former AEW Women's Champion in the form of Jamie Hayter in the semi-finals, a match that will mark Sasha’s Dynamite in-ring debut. Naturally, the network makes a big deal of this, featuring it on advertising and announcing a face-to-face segment between the two competitors the week prior. Hayter brings her usually fiery attitude but Banks reminds her that whilst she stood in Britt’s shadow for the first year of her AEW career, the Boss beat the DMD in her very first match. Hayter retorts claiming that whilst Sasha has this big-time status, she has a small-time stature that she won’t hesitate to snap in half on her way to regaining the women’s championship….

AEW Dynamite, 18th October 2023
Women's Championship Eliminator – Sasha Banks vs Jamie Hayter
Banks arrives for her first ever match on TBS, the network that she has a fat contract with. As such, it main events the show. Hayter herself is no slouch, as mentioned in this timeline she’s a former womens champion and held it for a number of months. She has the power advantage over the smaller Banks, so the Boss has to take to the air to thwart her. The bout supersedes Banks debut with Britt in terms of in-ring quality as the Hollywood star has to be tactful around someone as strong as Hayter. As we roll into the homestretch, Banks makes the mistake of going for the Three Amigos and is met with a devastating Falcon Arrow by Hayter for the near-fall. Hayter picks Sasha up looking for an Uranage Backbreaker but whilst in the air, Sasha takes down the Brit with a hurricanrana, which sets up perfectly for the Banks Statement! Jamie tries to power out but Sasha has her grounded. Eventually, the Brit passes out…Banks advances to the final at Full Gear…
Sasha Banks def. Jamie Hayter (14:56)

AEW Dynamite, November 1st, 2023
Sit-Down Interview with Sasha Banks and Thunder Rosa
So Banks is in the final at Full Gear. And her opponent…Thunder Rosa. Arguably the most popular woman on the entire roster, Rosa herself dethroned Britt Baker over a year ago to become champion. She established herself as one of the very best in the world during a fun reign and just like Jamie is keen to regain her gold. For many, Banks vs Rosa is one of the dream matches in women's wrestling and the woman from the Graveyard of Tijuana is the perfect babyface rival for the insincere celeb. Banks and Rosa have a sit-down interview with Tony Schiavone ahead of the pay-per-view bout. The Boss teases Schiavone about beating his best friend Britt in her last pay-per-view encounter.
Rosa herself points out that she too has beaten the DMD not once but twice, in two classic matches, reminding Sasha that the world doesn't revolve around her like she thinks it does. Banks’ Hollywood ego is hurt by Rosa’s boldness and cuts the fake, insincere facade. She gets mean with her next opponent, saying that when she grew up she idolised another Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero, and says she feels sorry for all the little Latina's out there today who are forced to look up to someone like Thunder Rosa instead. The interview almost breaks down into physicality as a helpless Schiavone calls for assistance. Security form some kind of shield between the two. The time for talk is over, Sasha and Rosa meet one on one for the first time at Full Gear….

AEW Full Gear 2023
Women's Title Eliminator Final - Sasha Banks vs. Thunder Rosa
If Sasha vs Britt was the biggest women’s match in AEW’s history, then this is projected to be the best. Banks and Rosa enter to big pops as the crowd anticipates a classic. For the early stages, it’s even, with both women getting their share of offense in, at a noticeably faster pace than Banks’s encounters with Britt and Jamie. Banks staggers Rosa on the apron with a Step Up Knee Strike through the ropes. She then hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on the Latina, sending her crashing onto the floor. As the match rolls on into the 15-minute mark, Banks looks to go behind with a Backbreaker but after a standing switch, Rosa now stands behind Banks. She hits a Full Nelson Flatliner for a near-fall! Sasha gets up, selling the effects of the move. Banks slaps Rosa in the face, and then looks to hit Bankrupt! But Rosa hits her with a back elbow, before lifting her up and hitting a Gory Bomb! 1…2…kickout! After a moment of rest bite, Rosa gets Sasha up but Banks looks for a quick crucifix pin. Instead of falling, Rosa shows real strength, holding Banks in place and then delivering an Inverted Samoan Drop. 1…2..kickout! She can’t believe it.
She heads to the apron looking to go up high. Banks is on her stomach. Rosa hits a Diving Foot Stomp to the back of the Boss! 1…2….NO! Another kick out. Fans are off their feet. After a moment of reflection, Rosa looks for the biggest move in her arsenal. She gets Sasha in position for the Fire-Thunder Driver, but wait- Banks rolls forward, performing what looks like a headscissors, Rosa falls flat on her face, and Banks in one swift motion now has the Banks Statement applied - the move that’s put away everyone so far in AEW! Rosa struggles. She reaches out for the ropes and eventually, she becomes the first woman to not fall victim to the hold. She gets to the bottom rope much to the Blueprint’s dismay. Banks starts slapping at the back of Rosa’s head in frustration. She applies the move again, even though Rosa is under the rope, inflicting further damage before breaking for a count of five. She drags Rosa back into the middle of the ring, and goes to apply it a third time but Rosa counters into a roll-up and almost stuns the Boss! Banks is shocked and annoyed at herself for almost being caught. Rosa is weary and Banks takes advantage hitting her neckbreaker, the Bankrupt. Rosa is out. Banks goes up high, taunting Rosa with their mutual idol’s infamous shimmy. Frog Splash! 1…2…3! Banks wins this all-time women's classic! Sasha will fight for the title. The lineal champion will face the AEW Champion at some point down the road….
Sasha Banks def. Thunder Rosa (20:31)

To be continued...
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2022.01.20 12:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Federal prosecutors seek dismissal of grant fraud charges against MIT professor | Washington Post

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2022.01.20 12:02 theoctoguy venting a bit putted spoilers because i'm talking about a pedo in this community

i got banned from 3 dave and bambi servers for some unfunny joke about revie i said on golden apple.
and the joke was based on the amor children joke on youtube
and to kinda make it worse they added the rule a day before my ban
and these days people in fnf discord servers are get kinda pissed off on anything
that's fucking some 1984 type shit
and you can delete this post because this is more discord based and happy vent Thursday
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