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Thoth | Ancient Egypt Online

2022.01.20 11:59 ismailmidas Thoth | Ancient Egypt Online

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2022.01.20 11:59 ketaminedaddy Elm Street Piru

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2022.01.20 11:59 Significant-Map-1625 Weird bug that happens to a friend making everyone one by one become invisible

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2022.01.20 11:59 blaspheminCapn Antibiotic resistance killed more people than malaria or AIDS in 2019

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2022.01.20 11:59 ZwnD Defining Dream Theater's epics, a better method than "+/-20 minutes long"

Hi all, these are somewhat just some random thoughts of mine, but I often see some discussion of what constitutes an "epic" in DT's discography, and a commonly thrown about metric is "is it longer than 20 minutes?". I'd like to propose that instead it should be thought about in terms of the song's place within the context of the album, and its length compared to the other songs on that same album. This is still mostly length-based, but could also consider where it sits emotionally/musically in the album, and its place on the tracklist. For example. could a 13 minute song on a album with 10 other 4/5 minute songs be considered an epic? I'd say it definitely could. But put that same song on Train of Thought or 6DOIT and it doesn't really fit as an epic.
Obviously there's still some subjectivity to it, but here's by list of DT's epics:
Images and Words:
The longest song is the album closer, with Learning to Live at 11:30. With Metropolis only being 1:58 shorter than it, and 2 other songs clocking in at less than 3 minutes shorter, I&W has no epic. I'm aware that Wait for Sleep acts as a bit of an intro, but to me they're distinct enough songs by themselves.
The longest song (Scarred) is 10:59, only 1:06 longer than Voices, so definitely not an epic. You could make an argument for the mind beside itself suite, but to me those songs are distinct enough to not make this list.
A Change of Seasons:
23:08, the only song on the EP. An epic, don't really see any disagreement here!
Falling into Infinity:
This is a bit tricky, as we have Trial of Tears (13:05) and Lines in the Sand (12:05) as significantly longer than the rest of the album, which are mostly 5/6 minute songs, and New Millenium at only 8:20. Its borderline but I'd call Trial of Tears an epic, as it closes out the album, and has 3 named movements. Lines in the Sand is just a long song.
Scenes from a Memory:
No epic here on the concept album. Home (12:53), Finally Free (11:59), and Beyond this Life (11:22) are all long, but don't really meet the criteria given the context of the album. You could make a case for Home, but I think it would be a stretch.
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence:
Easy one here. The title track, and disc 2 of the double album, is DT's longest epic at over 42 minutes. No epic on track 1. You could argue that the title track is all separate songs, but I don't think that's the band's intention.
Train of Thought:
Might be a bit controversial but I consider In the Name of God an epic. At 14:14 its almost 3 minutes longer than This Dying Soul (11:24), it closes the album out, and its a song with a very weighty and dramatic feel to it musically and lyrically.
About as much of an epic as its possible to be. Title track, 24 minutes (more than double Sacrificed Sons at 10:42), literally summarises all the other songs on the album, closes the album out. If you want an example of an epic, and how to fit it into an album, this is it.
Systematic Chaos:
Although split into 2, In the Presence of Enemies is definitely one song musically, and clocks in at 25:38, which is over 10 minutes more than The Ministry of Lost Souls at 14:57. ITPOE is certainly an epic, and Ministry is not. This is a good example to demonstrate my logic, as Ministry is a longer song than other songs I've named as epics, but based on its context within the album, it doesn't make the cut.
Black Clouds and Silver Linings:
Might be some disagreement here but I consider The Count of Tuscany (19:17) an epic, and A Nightmare to Remember (16:12) not an epic. Nightmare feels musically like a normal 10ish minute DT song, just with stretched out passages and longer instrumental interludes. TCOT feels more epic in its structure, and its lovably cheesy lyrics. TCOT was actually what made me think about this whole post, as I've seen a few polls of "what is your favourite 20+ minute DT song", with TCOT always feeling like it should be part of that club, but falling 43 seconds short.
A Dramatic Turn of Events:
No epic here. Breaking All Illusions (12:25) is joined by 3 other songs over 10 minutes, so doesn't really feel like one (as great as the track is). I know some people combine it with Far From Heaven (as you could do similar in I&W), but I think that's neither here nor there.
Self Titled:
Illumination theory is the obvious epic. 22:15 if you count the bonus track, and there's not even another song that reaches 8 minutes on the album. It also has named movements, big orchestral pieces, and dramatic lyrics. Easy epic
The Astonishing:
Definitely no epic here. Lots of medium length songs, but nothing above A New Beginning (7:40), which is far too short to be an epic.
Distance over Time:
No epic again. At Wit's End and Pale Blue Dot certainly feel like the big tracks on the album, but are definitely not epics, both being under 10 minutes, and only 90ish seconds longer than other songs dotted around the album.
A View from the Top of the World:
Another clear cut one, with a 20:23 long title track which closes out the album, and feels like it brings together a lot of the lyrical and musical themes of the album as a whole. The second longest song Sleeping Giant is 10:17 shorter, so no competition there.
So there we have it! My moderately-well-thought-out list of DT epics. Please take this into consideration for your future weekly polls of "what's your fave DT epic?" which we pretend to not love, but really its the only reason we visit this subreddit.
In summary we've got 9 epics to forever enjoy:
A Change of Seasons - 1995 - 23:08
Trial of Tears - 1997 - 13:05
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - 2002 - 42:02
In the Name of God - 2003 - 14:14
Octavarium - 2005 - 24:00
In the Presence of Enemies - 2007 - 25:38
The Count of Tuscany - 2009 - 19:17
Illumination Theory - 2013 - 22:15
A View from the Top of the World - 2021 - 20:23
Interestingly the break from IT to AVFTTOTW (8 years) was the longest break between epics in DT's discography.
What's your personal ranking? It's like choosing between your favourite children, but I'd put my ranking at:

  1. ACOS=Octavarium=6DOIT
  3. ITNOG
  4. Trial
  5. Illumination
Thanks for reading my stream of consciousness!
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2022.01.20 11:59 SpinraGusevisolpEx Hot Nurse steals my heart and trashes it in Montford | WTHC

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2022.01.20 11:59 Nietzschanarsehole You don't need to worry about the brain drain when it comes to right out of school teenagers and here's why!

Starting with defining my identity, well for one, I come from an upper middle class household, obviously in the Indian terms, my father has a government job and we make enough to afford to send two kids to an elite school, and go out every once in a while with family to eat at a nice place, meaning that my father saved enough for us to enjoy a decent luxurious lifestyle, have a good education and afford basic amenities like owning a car but yet not enough to be filthy rich, still have to take a loan for a house, haven't changed the car since the last 12 years and well....even though in a high ranking government position, 0 dirty money but still just enough to sustain something decent.
Like I said, I and my little sibling, we were both schooled at one of the top institutions in the country, and not merely because of influence, I got in because cleared an entrance exam for the school, my little sibling got in because well, am now an alumni, as for my father, he comes from nothing, dirt poor family on the paternal side, typical rural boy who studied under the streetlights in the 90s and made it big on some pretty hard to crack exams, and now lives well, maternal side, a lot more well to do but still at best only slightly upper middle class back in the 90s, and not too important but FYI both sides of the family are pretty progressive and abhore concepts like caste and hatred and whatnot, more like sane moderated liberalism despite their small town roots, anyway, seems...pretty normal right? It is, but this is not what I wanted to talk about, this was just me defining my identity because it's essential to talk about it since it is the very basis of the experience I'm about to shed a light on.
From the last 19 years of my life, from what I've experienced while being in this South Delhi upper class life, here's why I would stop worrying about the rich teenage snobs of the country leaving for US colleges en masse-
I have rich friends, a plenty of rich friends, and I'm talking about the "I come to school in a bentley" kind rich, "dad's net worth just tripled to 200cr" kind rich and here's what I've observed while going through both the college admission processes, for India and for the US, as a 19M who aced all the AP exams that I took, got a 1590 on the SAT with absolutely no prep, having done several highly regarded internships in the US and playing a sport competitively at the inter-state level and well, a medal on a really prestigious government Olympian and yet....I CHOSE to stay in India, go through the whole competitive exam process and instead trying to make it here when it'd been much much more convenient for me in the US or somewhere in Europe, and while most of my friends just kept ranting about how there was no future here and left after paying hefty to us colleges for even as low stuff as a liberal arts degree, and well their daddies paying in crores just to ensure them an entry, here's why as a country we shouldn't exactly worry about their departure-

  1. Indians living here don't understand the US very well, the first assumption that we make when we see NRIs making it big there, we start stereotyping them as some sort of geniuses in their field who the Indian system failed and so they had to choose another system to showcase their "talents", that's simply not the case for most of them, anyone who has the genius potential to make it huge will make it regardless, it's not as if they strangle you on purpose here in India, it's just that a lot of the struggle gets bypassed in the US that we haven't achieved here yet, much more bueureucratic efficiency, but that pretty much it, if you choose to remain here, albeit a few extra struggles you're almost equally likely to make it here most of the times and here's why-
All the huge US college worshipping that you see in the media is not simply worth it, getting into a US school in the first place doesn't require much of talent or "genius" in the first place if you have the pre-reqs that they require- I.e the SATs, an okayish school score, some ECs that they can provide you sympathy with (there's a reason social work is still the most valued EC in American schools for foreign students to do but not much valued among themselves domestically, my measure of value assigned being based on the acceptance rate for the different ECs out there) and well, the most valued pre-req of all, the ability to pay, and as long as you have the last one, oh boy trust me they'll take you in.
Now these friends of mine, most of them, even the ones who went to the topmost of Unis in the US like UCB, UCSD, Duke, I've worked with them, and eve n though most of these are decent people personally, when it comes to clarity in life, most of them are total snobs, and these are people from the much more intensive demographic, the PCM or PCB choosing kids, the humanities people come off as ten times worse rich snobs you'd want to punch the first time they strike up a convo with you,anyway , well for one, these people are clouded when it comes to fair judgment, most of them, and I'm not kidding, are the patriarchy hating kind that lived their entire life off of dad's fortune, the anti-religion kind even though they've never been exposed to cultural extremism of any kind, the "treating NDTV as the gospel of truth" kind and the "went to the US to study but instead got into drugs and sex" kind, in fact, all my friends albeit two, hate India and the culture it represents, think the woke narrative is superior, own the latest iPhone and yet are self described "socialists" and advocate for stuff like "free kashmir" and "Krishna was a warmongering fascist".
And I've worked with these idiots trust me, I was under the illusion for pretty long that the people who make it to the US do hold some kind of intellectual higher ground over the mainland Indians who chose to stay back, and I did not realize what a complete idiot I was until I entered their world and tried to make my mark and I did, today the same idiots are going to some of the best unis on the planet even though their profiles compared to mine sucked and they're only there because of their family net worth, and I chose to stay back even though I'd completed the whole US applications process and had gotten quite a few acceptance letters from some great unis...the same people who go out there and then acts towards us mainlanders like total holier than thou snobs and then the general Indian populace starts worshipping them as some kind of idols of some God, I'll tell you why we're wrong and shouldn't do so-
  1. The US application process isn't exactly very talent based and objective, in fact, it's quite....strange....and hard to predict, you might be an absolute genius and still not make it, and you might as well be a total rich idiot and a snob and still make it, the opposite of that is also a very much possible scenario, you won't get in just because you wrote a great essay and had a great sat score, and you still won't even if you are basically a child prodigy and wrote a 100 research papers before you were 9, it's so badly unpredictable that the only thing that determines your case 100% watertight for sure is if you're super rich or are black, in fact the US system actually penalizes Asians for the same score as compared to a black person or a Hispanic. So yes, if you're a genius you certainly do have a higher chance of getting in, there's never a guarantee, the Indian system is much more talent rewarding in that sense compared to the US.
Assertion-If the above is true to a huge extent, then why would you worship the idea of simply getting into a US uni in the first place
  1. The culture- most people I know who migrated to the US from my personal circle albeit a few sensible people, even at the best of unis like MIT (Yes, the only few people who've gotten into MIT from the country till date, quite a few of them are from my school and all of them have been great people, not the rich snobs), USC, UCB etc. All of them have had either some kind of STD scare and one of them even an abortion by now and some of them even stuff like hard drugs, alcohol and whatnot, and trust me I've worked with these people quite a lot, been in the same classes as them and shared plenty of time at ECs and internships with them to know what huge entitled idiots most of them are, no real life skills, shitty theoretical knowledge and get stressed out at the very idea of hardwork, and what makes me absolutely awestruck is that a few years later people here are going to worship them simply because they are NRIs and earn a higher income even though it might be just median by the American standards. These are the same people who disgust at India for being a crime ridden society and yet won't mind being heckled by a homeless cokehead in the US, in fact I remembered being heckled amidst a product pitch I was to give in florida that I wasn't allowed to complete simply because one of these NRI snobs thought my accent was inferior and she should pitch it with her much more American accent instead and all he white girls nodded in agreement, no NRI there even batted an eye to the casual racism a yet if that happened in India to someone they would've all gone out of their way to condemn this "regressive" society.
  2. It's the bloody bell curve, it's always the bloody bell curve, it's not as if all the Indians who leave here are going to be the next Sundar pichais and Satya Nadelas, statistically speaking even though I'm no authority kn the subject, most of them are going to end up pursuing average lives at best, being in the middle group, a small minority of them being awfully poor, and the other minority on the opposite of the spectrum awfully well, so even though people here think they lost a lot of "talent" and opportunity income to the "brain drain", they really didn't, they just lost a lot of average workers, a small minority of taxi drivers and a small minority of CEOs in reality, the graph is always just really huge in the very middle and those average people migrating and sending a portion of their income back for their families is much better than them choosing to stay here, atleast for the economy, since it evens out in the long run, eventually they're sending almost the same amount of money back here as they would've earned if they'd chosen to stay instead since the median income in the US is much more and so you can expect a better investment from people who'd earned much less if they'd chosen to stay instead.
4.You hear about a few geniuses who left IIT for MIT and start worshipping everyone who made it to the US, bloody bell curve, again that's not how it works, most of them are just people who couldn't make it through Indian competitive exams or were terribly scared to appear in the JEE, in fact I know people whose parents kept requesting their kids to pursue their UG here itself and have an attempt at competitive exams and not burden them financially for a US education, and yet the kid kept being a total snob, didn't attempt the Indian competitions because they were scared of the competition and found the curriculum too hard to prepare for and eventually got their way from their parents, this particular dude went to UMASS Amherst and people at my school still treat him as some sort of godly being who's gonna make it big even though every NITian or IITian outskills this person by far.
3.Stop treating their achievements even if some of them do make it big as yours collectively, trust me they couldn't care less, most of them absolutely abhore us mainlanders and don't want to contribute anything back here,the only reason they have the compulsion to keep doing so is well, because they still have family back here, stop feeding their egos
Anyway, you get my point, I could say much more and the discussion is never ending but the main gist still is, stop worshipping NRIs for existing and moving out, they did it for purely selfish reasons and don't reciprocate the attention you're giving them, and a majority of them anyway won't achieve anything more than than the median us lifestyle in their entire lifetime which pretty much evens out with a person staying in India over a lifetime simply considering how expensive the US actually is for the average person and their daily needs, yes maybe a few of them might make it as big time CEOs but that's it, a huge majority is still going to end up as taxi drivers and grocery store owners after their expensive liberal arts degrees, they might earn more than, but they're also much more likely to have a rather dead lifestyle and spend much more on their daily needs, considering the fact that most of US is just dead space suburbs and small towns with 0 night life, all of US is not Cali and LA like the TV would have you believe, it's rather the opposite, most of the US streets go pretty much dead and unsafe after 9 and you can venture out alone even in the bigger cities, even more in the much more numerous smaller town that you're much more likely to immigrate to, it's not as if every Indian gets to go to NY or DC or Cali, most of them end up in the south where they'll get shot if they step on their ultra-conservstive southern neighbor's lawn accidentally, so there's obviously a good rationale to why most NRIs are particularly pro Democrat there, simply because the other side is too hostile to them.
Also to be noted, I in no way am saying that all NRIs or foreigners should be profiled in the way I describe some of them whom I know as because I say is very anecdotal and a personal experience, I could be wrong and it might be the case that a great many NRIs are really great and patriotic people who would die for India even though my experience mostly has been otherwise excluding a handcounted few people till date.
And to end with, why exactly did I choose to stay back even when I had the chance to go? Well for one, I see America as an oversaturated society, there's too little competition and too many trophies to be won, and so little scope of growth on a collective since it's already a rich developed nation and will be pretty much prone to collapse due to years of bad policy in half a decade or so, also it's fucking costly to the point of being economically predatory at this point, and well...I also made it to a decent Indian medical college with my education being almost subsidized to the point of being free, and lastly, I would like to die serving my people, revolutionize Healthcare and improve the bureaucracy and systems in my own country rather than run away at the first sign of a problem, an ailment is to be treated rather than throwing the patient away to the vultures and running from the virus, the problems in India require attention, not isolation and escapism, the very scope of improvement here makes a great case for a humongous growth potential in this country, compared to which most of the rich developed west looks like an old, slow, stagnant and not so happening society, well for one your only reason to leave here for elsewhere are freedoms to party and drink freely and roam around nude, am not exactly treating you like a mature adult who can make great calculated decisions so you can fuck right off, you'll anyway be fucked by your own decisions in the future.
So if not care about this, what exactly should we worry about? Well brain drain isn't exactly all red herring, therefore part of it that you do need to worry about, for one, think of why the people who completed their higher education from here itself are leaving after their undergrad or masters, that's the only people we need to worry about leaving, not the straight out of school teenagers!
Rant's over, don't try to start an argument if you don't agree, am short on time, ain't gonna reply back, so fuck right off!
Vande Mataram!
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2022.01.20 11:59 StolenBlackMesa Rotor or Fixed Wing for EMS/Medevac?

I've been looking into aviation as a career lately and have been very interested in MedEvac. I've seen that this industry often utilizes rotor and fixed wing aircrafts and it had me wondering, which aircraft would be most beneficial for a job like this? is there more job opportunity for one aircraft or another?
As much elaboration on the job in general would be very helpful as well, as I'm doing my best to learn more about this area of aviation
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2022.01.20 11:59 DeathStar07 When it's your bedtime and your planning something sinister for tmrw😃🤣

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2022.01.20 11:59 Chandan28 One big Xbox Family 💚

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2022.01.20 11:59 NotEnoughDriftwood Trudeau says government not planning new law to curb protests targeting politicians

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2022.01.20 11:59 Daidis Pruning the default VLAN from trunk links

My organization has been looking at the DoD STIGs and potential changes for implementation on our Cisco switches.
One of these changes, namely, SRG-NET-000512-L2S-000009, confuses me.
It calls for the pruning of VLAN 1 from trunk links that do not need it.
What exactly does this do?
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2022.01.20 11:59 Joefsh TIL Time Capsules are voted on to determine which appear in-game (SPOILERS)

There is a website where you can view time capsule candidates and vote on them. Once a submission receives enough votes, it will be randomly spawned into player's games. The website is: https://subnautica.unknownworlds.com/time-capsules.
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2022.01.20 11:59 JacoBee93 Pro scrims tonight! Tonight with Copter!

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2022.01.20 11:59 ivanleong8 UK to SG New Balance Shoe, Please Help!

Hi would appreciate it if someone can help me order this pair of shoes from New Balance 608v1 White for men UK size 10.5 (US 11). Thanks
I will cover the cost of shipping and all
Shoe image reference https://i.imgur.com/yTWbk9M.jpg
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2022.01.20 11:59 kerk30 Upvote & Drop Wallet 🎊15 WL Spots 🎉

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2022.01.20 11:59 acidxoxo New era (f18)

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2022.01.20 11:59 snowdrone Name your small business with the private key of your cryptocurrency wallet

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2022.01.20 11:59 nagoya5 FS (t1s 5s3) Tramways with multiple expansions (W) PayPal $135 CAD via PayPal

4.5 Game is opened but unplayed, expansions included are the industry, residence, grand station, tramways expansion, Adelaide/Shanghai map pack, Denver map pack. Asking price is about half of what was paid at retail
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2022.01.20 11:59 funwonderfun Romantic restaurants w/ outdoor seating + reservations

Looking for suggestions! Hoping to find a romantic restaurant that has nice outdoor seating, good food, and accepts reservations.
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2022.01.20 11:59 bunnymemer69 A Theory....

Boruto prolly picks the obito route here like the village thinks he's dead and as a result naruto resigns from the 7th hokage post
but it turns out some otsutsuki version of Madara saved him
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2022.01.20 11:59 x4tun8x 2022 nba all stars: predict the roster

Its going to be another tight one. Nobody really knows who the coaches will choose (reserves). Starters are pretty much near set with fan voting to end in 9 days
Who do you got making the all star game? Who will be snubs this time around?
Guide/leading in votes https://www.sportingnews.com/ca/nba/news/nba-all-star-voting-2022-how-it-works-leaders-results-end-date/43tfxjp3grkx1lhkv94nrrbbb
12 players for each conference
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2022.01.20 11:59 botanricecandy17 Thanks, I hate Spider-Man.

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2022.01.20 11:59 MoodMovieList Best Romance movies on Amazon Prime

Best Romance movies on Amazon Prime Best Romance movies on Amazon Prime
The Big Sick(2017)
Portrait of a Lady on Fire(2019)
Source Code(2011)
In the Heights(2021)
The Spectacular Now(2013)
45 Years(2015)
Crazy, Stupid, Love.(2011)
Crazy Rich Asians(2018)
Cast Away(2000)
Revolutionary Road(2008)
Forrest Gump(1994)
Don Jon(2013)
Pitch Perfect(2012)
Love & Other Drugs(2010)
Knight and Day(2010)
Obvious Child(2014)
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