La producción de soja para ganadería industrial, elemento clave en la deforestación de ecosistemas tropicales

2022.01.20 11:31 alforo_ La producción de soja para ganadería industrial, elemento clave en la deforestación de ecosistemas tropicales

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2022.01.20 11:31 harukatenoukun Valid claims from new administrator?

Microsoft question.
So we have a new tech guy who is a very nasty person. I don’t fully trust him … but I am not a tech expert so not sure if he is lying or exaggerating about the “bad things “ our previous tech guy did.
So I have questions if anyone can give me some insight it wound be very appreciated. We have outlook for email for the company. He said that the Microsoft outlook allows people to authenticate ownership and that anyone could have used their outlook account to authenticate the company ownership… is this true? Also he indicated that our previous guy created a back door to check people Emails .. but that person was not an admin on the outlook server so how can he do that? Also how can someone check people browser history? We are all on the same network …
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2022.01.20 11:31 artmobboss America’s Putin pals..

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2022.01.20 11:31 HrRossiSuchtDasGluck vel lief em fre oce ert issi i.

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2022.01.20 11:31 dannyboyheaney A player called strikey mnk posted this on Facebook and joked about getting banned. I've not seen this kind before, anyone know what the ban is?

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2022.01.20 11:31 Redfalcon204 Reflex guard sucks why is in the game ubi?

Like why is it the game ubi assassins how lower health just put it at that. It’s just a bull crap mechanic just take it out you idiots
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2022.01.20 11:31 Agderi yes.

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2022.01.20 11:31 Kairomancy A More Fun Way to Run the Nothic

As written: "The nothic knows everything the Redbrands know", but because of the Nothic's weird insight it should have access to MORE secrets than than just a regular Redbrand. In addition Glasstaff's alliance with the nothic suggest that he should be trying to use the nothic to extract secrets from prisoners as well as guard the back entrance.
Here's how I modified the encounter:
After describing the cavern...

A shriveled, hunch-backed, humanoid-looking creature with a very large single eye, and clawed, grasping hands scrambles nimbly up the wall of the crevasse. It gazes at you intensely and you hear a loud voice croaking in your head.
"If the other side you wish to see, you must answer me questions three. Approach, one at a time and answer truthfully or be cursed to rot in the Gorge of Eternal Peril ."
Hopefully the players will being having some Monty Python flashbacks, and play along.
1) What is your Name?
2) Who do you Serve?
3) What is your Secret?
If you want to just have fun, skip question 2 and sub in a Holy Grail question.
The nothic insight checks every answer and uses its weird insight on the final question.
If the nothic detects a lie, It will use it's rotting gaze once and direct the character to the trapped bridge saying, "this is the path you have chosen." If the characters try to fight the nothic after lying to it and receiving punishment, the nothic asks if they would like to reconsider their answer.
If they answer truthfully, they will be directed over the safe bridge.
The nothic knows a lot of secrets and the party maybe able to bribe the secrets out of it.
Here are some additional things that the Nothic may know:
1) Glasstaff's identity and what he knows about the Black Spider.
2) The location of Cragmaw Castle.
3) The location of Mirna's emerald necklace in Thundertree.
4) If you are adding in Dragon of Icespire Peak, the nothic may know information about that adventure. I like to add knowledge of the shipwrecks at the Tower of Storms (the nothic is interested in the treasure of the Orca).
The nothic will divulge its secrets for loot (it prefers magic, money and flesh) or you combine quests together. For example, if the party asks about the location of Cragmaw castle, it might make them retrieve the emerald necklace from Thundertree.
Another quest that I like the nothic to give is to retrieve the magical golden statuette in the Dark Hall (room 8) of Cragmaw Castle (he knows about it from using his weird insight on Droop who caught a glimpse of the statue when he was at Cragmaw Castle). I like to change the properties of the statue to be a sending stone. The Black Spider has the other matched pair.
tl;dr: The nothic makes a great RP encounter modeled after Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Keeper at the Bridge of Death
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2022.01.20 11:31 NecessaryMarsupial84 Dying after delivering packages

Every time I put in a package during a delivery mission into the terminal, I literally just die. Without any warning, without a way to stop it. My health just drops from 100 to 0% super fast. Is there any way to fix this, or does it have to be fixed in a future patch? Delivery is kinda the only source of income for me right now because other missions are too risky for my current skill level and equipment.
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2022.01.20 11:31 Anthonyxo27 Tour on Sale Next Weeknd!

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2022.01.20 11:31 Aggressive_Regret92 Oklahoma death certificates, 1920's

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2022.01.20 11:31 Sawidian88 Saeidian88

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2022.01.20 11:31 ValkoHAUS My mate Max

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2022.01.20 11:31 masterloco44 Wer will auch so geile Chats über seine Familie dann dm an euren Meister

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2022.01.20 11:31 Important-Boat11 i felt so ignored and ostracized today. i feel like a fool for crying

i just came back from biology labs after being ignored by everyone. no one bothered to communicate with me simply because i wasn’t a part of their friend group. i didn’t know where any of the supplies were because no one taught me it, but it’s not like i was asked to anyway. i just stood around, sticking out like a sore thumb. i was finally put into a group because one of the girls have the decency to tell me where they decided i was going to be put, but then my group talked to me as if i was stupid before switching to a different language that i did not speak. even my instructor didn’t bother speaking in english most of the time so i was left super confused. i couldn’t even put on my lab coat right and my gloves kept slipping off. i feel like such a fucking wreck because nothing has been going my way lately so i can’t help but cry my eyes out
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2022.01.20 11:31 ArthyTardicus When did they add this?

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2022.01.20 11:31 iChris7ad Spielt sie jemand für mich?

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2022.01.20 11:31 sunglink Wie Skills in Nebenberuf vermarkten?

ich habe einige relativ spezielle IT-Skills, die ich bei meinem momentanen Arbeitgeber wahrscheinlich nie brauchen werde. Ich möchte hier nicht zu viel schreiben, aber stellt euch vor, ihr verdient gutes Geld in einer Pharmafirma und seid zufälligerweise auch Experte für eine exotische Software, die aber nicht in dieser Firma benutzt wird (fiktives Beispiel).
Mein Arbeitgeber hat mir erlaubt, nebenberuflich in diesem speziellen Bereich zu arbeiten. Ich möchte aber nicht viel Zeit in die Kundensuche investieren, sondern einfach nur abwarten, ob sich was interessantes ergibt. Ich lese in diversen Foren immer, dass Selbständige mit speziellen IT-Kenntnissen auf LinkedIn von Headhuntern quasi bedrängt werden. Kann ich das auch für meine Situation nutzen? Wenn ich mich bei LinkedIn als offen für Jobangebote setze, kann ich nicht mal eine Beschreibung der gesuchten Position angeben. Oder ist das anders in der Bezahlversion?
Wie macht ihr das bzw. wie würdet ihr das machen? Alternativen? (Vor viiiiieeeelen Jahren hab ich mal gefreelanced. Da war noch gulp aktuell.....)
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2022.01.20 11:31 iTonehhhh How to start earning some real dough?

Im playing on a new account, so only level 25 or so, but from Amazon prime rewards and the CESP I've managed to save up about 2.3m.
I followed a guide getting the hatchet, revolver and pistol then started a new character to get the two guns out of my selection wheel.
I have a high end apartment but have only done the first small bank heist, other than that I've done a few contact missions and a few VIP jobs but that is it.
Do I just drop pretty much all my money on the submarine and start farming the new heist? I quit playing years ago on PC so there's a lot to take in, in terms of the content of the new updates since then.
Also if the new heist is the way to go then im guessing there is probably a sub for heist parties as my xbox friends list has absolutely 0 GTA players on it.
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2022.01.20 11:31 sandwich_influence What’s your favorite espresso grinder to use in your shop?

We’re looking to replace some espresso grinders and I’m doing some research to find what would be best for us. We’ve use Mahlkonig Peak grinders in the past, but the boss is a little disillusioned with them because there’s been some problems. What are you loving right now?
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2022.01.20 11:31 planetary_funk_alert Tracking requests to speak in a formal video conference meeting

Imagine a formal conference - like a government meeting where you receive loads of notifications that people wish to speak and they must be processed in order?
How can we best track the order of these requests? Any tools or applications?
At current we use zoom, and people are typing in to the chat box to request to speak. It's not ideal. Not sure if Zoom webinars are any better for this?
We absolutely must have simultaneous interpretation built into the platform so were unlikely to switch platforms entirely
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2022.01.20 11:31 AleHaRotK What did I miss with AMD?

For the first time in quite a long time AMD is not moving together with other same-sector stocks, sitting at like -2% premarket compared to the rest which is mostly green.
Wondering if I missed some kind of exclusive AMD news, earnings haven't hit yet or anything, anyone know what's going on?
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2022.01.20 11:31 jamesuknz DJ Scoobie - Wait 4 The Bass (Scoobies Chopige Mix) (1993)

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2022.01.20 11:31 Ordo_de_Fer what would be your ideal fleet setup/ship recommandantion for pirate systems missions?

hello dear starfarers, so what would be the kind of.fleet/ships you'd recommand for such missionns? ideally a fleet needing few supplie logistic and a pretty good burn. a fleet still capable to de with a tier 2 space station.
my fleet was composed of quite a lot of brawler frigates initially but sometimes i had surprise with fleets largee than normal and they're pretty bad at dealing with space stations in my opinion. (doing a lot of cleaning missions to jave good reports with the luddies). i am in a mid-late game situation so finding ships isn't much of a problem
thanks a lot ;)
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2022.01.20 11:31 Badam04 My version of the Minecraft logo what do you think?

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