Very great project

2022.01.20 10:40 iclimimar Very great project

Very great project
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2022.01.20 10:40 AdRich9263 Aha!!

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2022.01.20 10:40 AnalParalysis How come there are no sparks when i pull out the aux-cable from a live source?

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2022.01.20 10:40 FbZiya043 Lan kurtardık laaaan

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2022.01.20 10:40 ConsequenceOverall77 Interlay Crowdloan Referral Code + Guide!!

Interlay is a decentralised network dedicated to connecting crypto-currencies like Bitcoin with DeFi platforms like Polkadot and Ethereum. It will bridge BTC to other ecosystems, making all the BTC you have liquid! Imo it's a hidden gem, deeply undervalued project.
To contribute to their crowdloan to secure a parachain on Polkadot, you can click on this link
The referral code to give an extra 5% to both referrer and referee will be automatically added to your contribution.
You'll be asked to sign in using your Polkadot.js account. Make sure you're on the correct/secure page of the crowdloan starting with
On the top you enter the amount of DOT you want to contribute (minimum 5 DOT, also make sure there's at least 1 DOT left in your wallet as you need it to keep your wallet active and do not lose any amount left between 0-1 DOT). Your base paradrop will be shown based on the amount contributed.
Then you can get an extra 10% early bird if you contribute before the start of the auction #6 on the 23rd Dec 21.
10% strong supporter bonus only applies to those lucky ones that can contribute more than 50,000 DOT.
The following 2 bonuses - Quiz and Testnet - will give you an extra 2.5% each. I completed (and others did as well) both tasks, but the bonuses do not show up. It may be a glitch and in the end we'll get them, but I cannot see it at the moment.
After that, 2.5% for those that contributed to Kintsugi crowdloan on Kusama (make sure you use the same wallet).
And finally, you should see the extra 5% from this referral.
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2022.01.20 10:40 No_Independence_9721 Sci-fi book about teleportation?

The narrator thinks they are looking at VR, but at the end we learn they are actually teleported to another planet to colonize and left there. I seem to recall a journey toward a plateau in the landscape being significant.
I read this as a tween in the 2000s in school, so it should be a little older.
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.20 10:40 DiogenesK-9 Clarence Thomas retire bitch.

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2022.01.20 10:40 Duuqnd vargBroke

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2022.01.20 10:40 Hopeful_Koala_6656 fan fiction

ehy guys do you know another fanfiction on slam dunk like conquer the nation?
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2022.01.20 10:40 Adventurous_Ad_7401 Ready to stretch up.

I've been at my current size (5/8") for over a year, and the want to go up a size is STRONG. For stretching, I usually use glass plugs and dead stretch. Then, after some time to heal, I religiously wear silicone because my ears stay happy and feel best in it. What would be some good ways to prepare for the next stretch? How did you stretch from 5/8" to 3/4"?
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2022.01.20 10:40 ergonaut Fans of Futurama may enjoy The MurderBot Diaries - I like to imagine Bender as the main character

A sentient security cyborg just wants to chill and watch TV, but stupid, death-prone humans keep making him do stuff.
By Martha Wells. It's fantastic.
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2022.01.20 10:40 astroturd312 “There is no possible freedom for those who refuse to fight”, with a phalangist poster near it “Let’s stay and carry on”, Lebanese Civil War 1975-1990

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2022.01.20 10:40 Ok_Coyote_6106 Need help. can't use external monitor in River with nvidia card...

I can't manage to get my external monitor detected, I mean wlr-randr and wlopm only show my laptop screen, but I can see udev detecting both connections (USB-C Display & HDMI), I don't know if I'm missing some kernel config or might be something with seatd or dbus? I'm still a newbie...
Kernel conf:
River conf:
River is being executed with dbus-launch --exit-with-session. And as far as I know outputs are linked to my nvidia card and nvidia-smi shows that everything is working properly. I'm also using seatd with builtin and server flags set. (I'm runing runit as my init system, so I have a service of seatd runing: seatd -g video)
I need help... I'm running out of ideas.
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2022.01.20 10:40 canoetheboat School Student Internships in Mumbai

hi guys, are you aware of any start up in mumbai which would take students of grade 11 and 12 as interns? i have heard about such organisations sometimes taking high school students as interns (unpaid obviously), but i don't think it is very common.
i'm looking to intern somewhere and my interests range from marketing, social media management, finance, and general management. remote would be great, but if it's in mumbai i can probably manage some commute too. preferably 7-10 hrs/week, and i don't mind if there is no stipend.
let me know if you/your friend or anyone is aware of any such opportunities!
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2022.01.20 10:40 3BM15 The Time Is Right for Ukraine to Revisit the Lessons of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War

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2022.01.20 10:40 Interesting-Net2841 Restarting

Day 1. Let's get it!
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2022.01.20 10:40 blackwhitekatten 2015 Honda Fit Worth It?

I'm in Canada and found a 2015 Honda Fit. They're asking 16,900 CAD (exorbitant in my opinion, I'd bargain them down). It has only 22,5000 kms on it. The year has a lot of issues with quality control though so I'm hesitating to even test drive it.
The most I'd pay for it would be 14,000 CAD with an inspection (and less if they find anything).
These are very difficult to find, and if they come up, they're gone in hours/days. I only think this ones latest so long because it's a private seller asking too much.
Is it worth it if they take a lower offer like what I would offer?
I don't absolutely need a car right now. Mine was in an accident and I'm collecting parts right now to fix it (2005 Toyota Echo). This came up and I was in it because it's Honda, it's a hatch, and low mileage.
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2022.01.20 10:40 Jacques_Ellul 450+ Climate Scientists Demand PR Industry Drop Fossil Fuel Clients

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2022.01.20 10:40 TrumpPresident2021 Joe getting ready for his "press" conference

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2022.01.20 10:40 Free_Dome_Lover NKD: First Japanese Knives - JCK Blue Clouds Gekko Gyuto 210mm & Blue Clouds Tsuchime Petty Bunka 140mm

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2022.01.20 10:40 TheSpenzers The CEO who fired 900 employees over Zoom is coming back

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2022.01.20 10:40 K-RAh DC’s Vigilante

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2022.01.20 10:40 EXTRMLY Computer for selfies crashed

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2022.01.20 10:40 Renegade_Cabbage What is a must-have toy or item for kids?

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2022.01.20 10:40 mr_daddycool1 Tamannah

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